Story behind the Daimed LA Tee

Many people see Los Angeles as a glamorous city, but they’ve never been deep inside the roughest and toughest neighborhoods in LA. They are the ones that make the “hood” what is it. What is it? It’s a place filled with hard working people trying to leave the struggle behind and at the end give the true meaning to LA and what it really is. People are getting taken out on the daily and making it out is no easy task. If you live in LA you struggle on the daily because when the lights go off and night falls it becomes one of the most dangerous place to live and survive in. The type of city that is filled with people taking life one day at a time because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but push and don’t give up in order to provide a better future for their families and themselves. This Daimed LA design represents and is dedicated to the toughness of this city, while the people continue to keep moving forward. It's all of us keeping the city together at the end of that day.